Ralph Diercks Tournament and AIM Mille Lacs update

Quick update.

Last weekend I fished the Ralph Diercks Memorial Tournament with Steve Holt in Red Wing MN on Pool-4 of the Mississippi River.  We finished in 2nd place with about 28lbs for 5 fish, only a couple pounds out of first.  We had to weigh a small 3.5lb fish and had we been able to upgrade that fish with a 6/7lber, we would could have closed the deal.  It was fun to get out and spend some time on the river, place in the money, and boat some nice fish (tho I did more netting than boating fish!).

I cannot believe how fast the river water temp has jumped!  Muddy water and warm sunny day make the temps jump much quicker than a clear lake.  I’m hoping to get out fun fishing on P2 or 4 before I leave to practice for Mille Lacs.

Mille Lacs!  I’m excited for the 2nd AIM WWS event this year on Mille Lacs Lake.  Unlike Otter Tail, I’m quite familiar with Mille Lacs – however, I’m guessing the majority of the field is as well.  Regardless, it’s always a fun lake to fish – practice late next week will be the first time I’ll get out fishing on it this year.

While I’m excited to fish a Mille Lacs tournament, I’m even more excited that it’s an AIM tournament!  The AIM format is designed to accomodate a body of water with restrictive slot limits, like Mille Lacs.  If this were a traditional catch and keep tournament, you’d be fishing for 1-2 fish over 28inches, and then trying to find small 18-20inch fish… Who like fishing for small fish?  Not me.  The AIM format will let anglers ‘weigh’ their largest 5 walleyes caught that day, regardless of the slot.  It should be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it.

With any luck, I’ll throw up a Pool-2 update before heading north next week – if not, I’ll get a recap of the Mille Lacs event after we’re done.

Wish us luck!

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