AIM Weekend Walleye Update 7/31/14

Whew – so much for getting a recap up soon.  Needless to say, life’s been busy so I’m playing catch-up.

MilleLacs AIM Fish

MilleLacs AIM Fish

The AIM event on Mille Lacs was fun, however the fishing and events went much different that I initially thought it’d go…  To start things off on Friday, the first day of prefishing  and I’m sick as a dog.  If having a kid in daycare has taught me anything it’s that no matter how good you think your immune system is they’ll bring home a bug that whacks ya.  We spent Friday scouting the lake (which laid completely flat all day) primarily pulling crankbaits.  The water temps were quite low for that bite, but we had to try it as it’s been our big fish producer in years past.   We didn’t catch a single fish all day and only saw a couple caught.  On top of that I was struggling to just keep crackers and water down… Needless to say, my drive was low and we pulled the plug mid-afternoon with zero results so I could rest up.

After a good night’s rest, I was feeling much better and knew we had to try other tactics in attempts to put anything together for tournament day.  Weather wise, day two was a whole different animal with strong winds out of the North East.  We rigged several flats we had luck on in seasons past with only a few fish to show for our efforts.  As luck would have it, Dad took my role from the day prior and felt ill by 10am.  We stuck it out until about noon, but it was apparent we both needed some rest if we were going to be in any shape to fish the actual tournament on Sunday.

Tournament morning came with a mild wild out of the north – the lake looked great.  We blasted off and made the 8 mile run to our first spot where we caught a couple fish the day prior.  We were joined by half a doz other boats but unfortunately we couldn’t make anything happen.  Due to our lack of productive pre-fishing, we stuck with this spot for quite some time, quite frankly too long.  At 10:30am we pulled the plug and decided to bounce around and see what we could find.  Finally at 11:30, dad put a nice 25” walleye in the boat.  We continued to fish this area catching 2 more 23”+ walleyes, however that’s all we were able to muster up.  We weighed 3 walleyes for about 17lbs.

For how good Mille Lacs has been to us over the past 3 years, this was a humbling trip.  A late spring and poor prefishing resulted in a tough showing for us.  Non-the-less, we learned quite a few new spots and will be even better prepared for next time.

The next stop of the AWWS tournament was supposed to be Pool’s 2/3/4 of the Mississippi River.  Both Dad and I were extremely excited for this as we’d be fishing our home waters.  Just the idea of fishing a true tournament on Pool-2 got me excited.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature threw a twist in the tournament plans by dumping large amounts of rain, sending the rivers soaring to the point where the tournament was cancelled.  A bummer but AIM had no other choice as the rivers were put to no wake and the majority of boat landings were under water.

The river tournament was rescheduled and moved to the Saturday before the Leech Lake AIM event, creating two, one day tournaments – back to back.  Due to previous plans, we were unable to attend either event.  Because we didn’t fish a 3rd event, we didn’t qualify for the championship on Lake Winnibigoshish.  While this is a bummer, it’s almost for the best this year.  With a baby at home, my free time is extremely limited and the 4-5day out of town trips and tough on my wife. It’s also allowed me to spend more time out on the local rivers and get some fun fishing in, which has been a blast.

Next year we’ll assess the circuit and decide how many AIM events we’ll fish and how many local tournaments we’ll do.  For the rest of the year I’m just hoping to get out fun-fishing as much as possible and relax.

Good luck to anyone fishing the championship on Winnie next weekend!!

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