Long time – No Post! Past 6 months.

Whew – I haven’t posted in a real long time, not because I haven’t been fishing but because I don’t have free time like I used to.  Bad excuse I know and I hope to post with more consistency this year. I did want to post a little about this last summer/fall and get some […]

AIM Weekend Walleye Update 7/31/14

Whew – so much for getting a recap up soon.  Needless to say, life’s been busy so I’m playing catch-up. The AIM event on Mille Lacs was fun, however the fishing and events went much different that I initially thought it’d go…  To start things off on Friday, the first day of prefishing  and I’m […]

Ralph Diercks Tournament and AIM Mille Lacs update

Quick update. Last weekend I fished the Ralph Diercks Memorial Tournament with Steve Holt in Red Wing MN on Pool-4 of the Mississippi River.  We finished in 2nd place with about 28lbs for 5 fish, only a couple pounds out of first.  We had to weigh a small 3.5lb fish and had we been able […]

2014 AIM-WWS OtterTail Recap

Last weekend kicked off the 2014 AIM Weekend Walleye Series MN with the first event on Otter Tail Lake.  This was my first AIM CRR (catch-record-release) style tournament and despite our dismal finish, the tournament format was excellent.  Jim Miller and the AIM Board of Directors did an excellent job organizing the event making the […]

Spring 2014 Update

Whew…  Talk about a long winter with lack of website updates.  Record cold temps really put a damper on thoughts of fishing over the last 3 months but with this recent warm spell, I cannot keep my mind off it. So what’s new? Last week Kristie and I welcomed our first child into the world, […]

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