Quick Pool-2 Update 3/7/12

Talk about beautiful weather! I’ve been getting out on the river once a week or so, checking on the bite. I’ve had good numbers but lacking the size fish that are infamously talked about this time of year. Regardless, it’s hard to complain about quality time on the water. PaddleTails from Dean’s Tackle Box on […]

7/31/11 Where’d summer go?

Talk about a busy summer and unfortunately fishing hasn’t been given much of my time. Kristie and I purchased a house one month ago and while it’s consumed the majority of my time, it’s been a great experience.  Now that we’ve got a good portion of the overwhelming work done around home and are fully […]

4/09/11 Paddle Madness

While walleye fishing over the weekend we ended up accidentally hooking a few paddle-fish.   Holy Buckets do they fight!

3/27/11 Magnum Jigs – Solution for Bulky Plastics and Big Live Bait!

The new Magnum Jig’s from Dean’s Tackle Box look great and are shaping up to be a staple jig in my box.  When fishing Large and Bulky plastics like the 4″ Fenom-Fluke or large live bait like a creek-chub , the standard lead-head jig can leave us frustrated with short-strikes since the shank of the […]

3/3/11 Online Scouting, River Info 101

Like so many guy’s, I spend most of the day at work wishing 4 o’clock would roll around so that I can hit the road and get out on the river. With the rod’s n’ tackle already loaded, put gas in the boat, toss bait in the cooler, and were hittin’ the road. While taking […]

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