St Croix River Walleye Report 10-10-13

The St Croix River for me has always been the metaphorical Elephant in the Room so to speak, so close to home yet for many years I’ve chose to ignore it. I’ve launched my little boat north at the boomsite and let the dog swim while tossing a jig over the side, but nothing serious. […]

SNF Walleye Fishing Report – Sept 2013

Great weather, good company, and lots of fun – Our trip to Superior National Forest has come to a close.  Every year my uncles, cousins, dad, and I head north to the arrow head region for 5 days of camping and fishing.  It’s a good opportunity to fish, relax, and solve the world’s problems all […]

Pool 2 Walleye Report – 5/24/13

Waters up!  Well… not exactly high water by Mississippi River standards, but a pretty swift jump from last weekend.  Despite the jump in water levels and increased flow, water temperature has held consistent and fish continue to feed.  The best (and most humbling) part of river fishing is adapting to change and staying on the bite – […]

Pool 2 Walleye Report – 5/10/13

What a rollercoaster spring we’ve had here in Minnesota with lots of ups and downs as us anglers just hang on for the ride.  Prolonged periods of cold weather, snow, and frozen water has really thrown a twist in what I would consider our normal spring fishing patterns and sometimes I think the walleyes are just as confused as […]

Lake Mille Lacs Walleye Report – 7.21.12

Back at Lake Mille Lacs over the weekend and joining me was Dad, Kristie, and my uncle Stan.  With a plan of primarily pulling crankbaits out in the open expanses of Mille Lacs, we were thrown a through whirlwind of different weather with 25-30mph gusts in the morning and flat calm/steamy hot by mid afternoon. […]

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